Cosby Toilet Aid

Designed to give maximum comfort to users who have difficulty with toileting. The Cosby Toilet Aid..

£79.49 £66.24

Rehosoft Raised Toilet Seat

Constructed from polyurethane, injected foam and sanitised PVC, this toilet seat is hygienic and hel..

£85.25 £71.04

Ashby Raised Toilet Seat 50mm (Ideal for Bulk Use)

The Ashby Super Contract Raised Toilet Seat is a hygienic one-piece moulded seat. The Ashby Raised T..

£28.74 £23.95

Straight Floor Fixing Kit (Set of 4)

'Floor fixing kit for the Broadstairs (VR202) and Ashford (VR205) Toilet Frames...

£14.34 £11.95

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