Cushioned Glide and Lock for Chair without Handles

Do you struggle to sit back far enough in chairs and/or wheelchairs? Do you tend to keep slipping do..

£41.42 £34.52

Kneela - Wipeclean Kneeling Pad

These kneeling pads can be used on any floor surface, inside or out, and will provide a clean and co..

£38.10 £31.75

Car Slide - Glide sheet 70 x 80cm (Yellow)

A simple slide sheet to help swivel in and out of a car with ease.If you need a bit of help swivelli..

£14.52 £12.10

Door Straps

Once you are in the car do you struggle to reach and close the door?This fantastic little device ena..

£12.98 £10.82

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