Memory Foam Neck Cushion - Blue

This specially-designed, moulded neck cushion reduces pressure on the neck. It slips around the neck..

£8.70 £7.25

Harley Super 'V' Cushion 6cm Thick

Conforms to the users shape for increased stability! Individually manufactured from Visco Elastic ..

£96.00 £80.00

Harley Designer Economy 'V' Cushion 8cm Thick

An ideal cushion to be used with an armchair! The Harley Designer Economy 'V' Cushion has been ..

£27.77 £23.14

Harley Comfort Plus Cushion 10cm Thick

This cushion is an ideal purchase to be used in many situations including on a wheelchair or scooter..

£20.00 £16.67

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