The clothes peg is made for people with weak hands, instead of pressing the peg tougher with two fin..

£17.14 £14.28

Hepa Air Purifier with loniser and Remote Control

HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of all airborne particles Built-in loniser helps freshen and revitali..

£78.60 £65.50

Eagle 3 Way Wireless Remote Control BC Lamp Holder with 3 Dimmer

A set of wireless, remote control BC Lamp holders with 3 stage dimming function comprising of 1 hand..

£21.36 £17.80

Beurer EM41 TENS Therapy Set

A two channel '3 in 1' Digital TENS Machine with EMS and Integrated Massager - the Beurer EM41 is th..

£69.41 £57.84

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