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Sock Assist with loop handle

This sock aid has numerous unique features that make it an extraordinary purchase. To accommodat..

£15.00 Incl. VAT £18.00

Elastic Shoe Laces

These elastic laces will stay tied and in place.  Allowing the user to easily slip their..

£2.95 Incl. VAT £3.54

Tights Aid

This dressing aid is an ingenious invention for helping put on tights. The user simply feeds th..

£15.00 Incl. VAT £18.00

Butyrate Stocking Aid

  The "Butyrate Stocking Aid" has been developed to allow the user to put on stockings without b..

£10.90 Incl. VAT £13.08

Poly Stocking Aid

This soft plastic stocking aid can easily be folded or rolled to fit inside a sock. The long web..

£11.70 Incl. VAT £14.04

Blue Metal Shoe Horn

Prevents bending or stooping when putting on shoes. Wont snag socks or stockings. 58cm (23) ..

£8.45 Incl. VAT £10.14

Sock On Aid in Navy

Sock On Aid in NavySimple and inexpensive, this sock on aid in navy gives assistance in putting on s..

£10.05 Incl. VAT £12.06

Navy Shoe Horn

Navy Shoe HornThis long handled navy shoe horn avoids bending over too much as well as helping guide..

£8.12 Incl. VAT £9.74

Leg-Up Leg lifter - black (26"/65cm)

Help getting in and out of bed and when seated.Ideal for post-surgery, the extra wide foot loop can ..

£14.55 Incl. VAT £14.55

Ezy-on small (short wire frame)

Sturdy frame holds hosiery wide open for easy application.Suitable for above and below the knee comp..

£15.52 Incl. VAT £15.52

Ezy-on tall (long wire frame)

Sturdy frame holds hosiery wide open for easy application.Increased angle makes it easier to use and..

£25.39 Incl. VAT £25.39

Navy Zip Pull - 2 Pack

Navy Zip Pull - 2 PackOur new large Navy Zip Pulls are ergonomically designed and easier to grasp th..

£7.50 Incl. VAT £9.00

Leg-Up Leg lifter - yellow (26"/65cm)

Help getting in and out of bed and when seated.Ideal for post-surgery, the extra wide foot loop can ..

£14.55 Incl. VAT £14.55

Long Shoe Horn - plastic (21"/53cm)

If you need some help getting your shoes on and a conventional shoe horn is just too short, then thi..

£10.28 Incl. VAT £10.28

Shoe Helper Pro std (26"/65cm)

A shoe horn/Helping Hand Reacher combined; extra maneuverability for shoes, use it also as..

£15.90 Incl. VAT £15.90

Hip Kit - 26" Classic reacher; Shoe Horn; Foxy; Everyday Sponge and Carry Bag

26” Classic Reacher, Foxy Sock Aid, Plastic Shoe horn, Everyday sponge and carry bagkit is idea..

£24.66 Incl. VAT £24.66

Shoe Helper Pro long (32"/82cm)

A shoe horn/Helping Hand Reacher combined; extra maneuverability for shoes, use it also as a general..

£16.55 Incl. VAT £16.55

Deluxe Hip Kit - 26" Classic Pro; Shoe Horn; Soxon; Comfi-Grip Foot Clean and Carry Bag

26” Classic PRO reacher, Plastic Shoe Horn, Soxon, Comfi Grip Toe Foot sponge and carry bagKit ..

£26.65 Incl. VAT £26.65

Foxy plastic sock aid

Getting dressed can sometimes be a challenge. Our dressing collection makes it easier every day, kee..

£11.32 Incl. VAT £11.32

Soxon fabric sock/stocking aid

A Sock Aid that actually works!Roll the sock or stocking on, drop Soxon to the floor & wriggle y..

£14.08 Incl. VAT £14.08

Sock and Stocking Aid

The Sock and Stocking Dressing Aid makes putting on socks and stockings easy. Large loop handles at ..

£11.88 £5.45 Incl. VAT £6.54

Plastic Shoehorn

A conventionally shaped Plastic Shoehorn with extended length for easier use.This sturdy shoehorn is..

£3.25 Incl. VAT £3.90

Aidapt Leg Lifter Aid

This handy personal aid enables the leg to be lifted on or off a wheelchair or bed by pulling the ha..

£11.99 £5.05 Incl. VAT £6.06

Massage Boot with Heat

The fleece-lined massage boot with heat features two powerful motors, separate heat control and two ..

£53.90 £20.55 Incl. VAT £24.66

Sock Aid & Shoe Horn (Hip Kit)

This useful kit incorporates 2 very useful items if you struggle to bend. The Moulded Sock Aid i..

£5.30 Incl. VAT £6.36

Homecraft Dorking Stocking Aid

A simple, inexpensive device to assist with putting on a stocking or sock especially if bending and ..

£2.58 Incl. VAT £3.10

Aidapt Dressing Stick/Shoe Horn Combo

A lightweight dressing and shoe horn aid featuring a soft foam shaft for ease of gripping. A large '..

£5.30 Incl. VAT £6.36

Homecraft Brevetti Sock and Stocking Aid

Designed to help those with restricted mobility, enabling the user to successfully apply socks. Th..

£30.00 £8.95 Incl. VAT £10.74

Sock Helper

The Sock Helper makes putting on socks and tights easy. Sock Helpers are used by simply stretching t..

£41.99 £23.30 Incl. VAT £27.96

Memory Foam Insoles

Memory Foam Insoles mould to your feet to relieve pressure on the ball of your foot and heel, cushio..

£3.60 £2.85 Incl. VAT £3.42

Aidapt Extra Long Steel Shoehorn

This longer length Shoehorn is designed to help the user put on shoes without bending. It is finishe..

£4.20 Incl. VAT £5.04

Plastic Handle Button Hook Zipper

A handy device for securing buttons and fastening zips, the Plastic Handle Button Hook/Zipper has a ..

£6.10 Incl. VAT £7.32

Button Hook and Zip Puller

Exceptional value for money, this useful tool combines two products for the price of one. With a but..

£7.20 Incl. VAT £8.64

Dressing Stick

A lightweight dressing aid featuring a smooth wooden shaft with a large C hook at one end and a spec..

£9.59 £3.60 Incl. VAT £4.32

Easy Pull Sock Aid

The 'Easy Pull Sock Aid' has many features that make putting on socks or stockings simple. The fle..

£19.43 £12.24 Incl. VAT £14.69

Sock Aid

The easy way to pull on socks or stockings, simply place the sock or stocking over the pliable Sock ..

£10.79 £6.95 Incl. VAT £8.34

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