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Air Flow Lumbar Support Cushion

The Air Flow Lumbar Support Cushion has been designed to improve your posture and to help relieve pr..

£5.90 Incl. VAT £7.08

Adjustable Linked Chair Raiser Kit

A Height Adjustable Chair Raiser for chairs with legs. Height adjustment is supplied by inserting bl..

£53.99 £23.70 Incl. VAT £28.44


Features an ergonomic grip to provide support in and out of any sofa, chair or recliner! The inn..

£239.99 £151.14 Incl. VAT £181.37

Elephant Feet

A simple yet effective solution to raising furniture! The elephant feet are simply placed under ch..

£27.47 £19.44 Incl. VAT £23.33

Grip On Chair Raisers

Grip-on Chair Raisers, suitable for use with furniture on castors or legs, these raisers grip on to ..

£39.59 £25.65 Incl. VAT £30.78

Upeasy Powered Lifting Cushion

Easily transform any armchair, or a sofa into a riser chair! Providing 100% lift for users this ..

£263.99 £199.99 Incl. VAT £239.99

Cushion Cover for Bed Wedge

A washable spare or replacement cover for the Aidapt Bed Wedge (VG884). 80% Cotton 20% Polyester. Ma..

£11.40 Incl. VAT £13.68


Vida is the Able2 brand for incontinence products. This lightweight machine washable and reusable ch..

£9.48 Incl. VAT £11.38

Upeasy Seat Assist Plus

An excellent product for those with light to moderate sit-to-stand needs! The Upeasy Seat Assist h..

£177.59 £104.10 Incl. VAT £124.92

Langham Multi-Purpose Raiser

Unique in design and versatility, this modular raiser has been carefully developed using feedback re..

£26.26 Incl. VAT £31.51

Wooden Bed/Chair Raisers

Simple to install hardwood raisers! These traditional raisers offer both a 4" and a 6" rise. Sup..

£48.95 £34.20 Incl. VAT £41.04

Set of 4 Screw Fixing Bed Raisers

Black Wooden Bed Raisers to increase the height of beds. To raise the height of your bed, simply rem..

£29.99 £20.60 Incl. VAT £24.72

Upeasy Cushion

Easily lifts up to 80% of your body weight! The Upeasy slowly and automatically lifts up to 80%..

£177.59 £104.10 Incl. VAT £124.92

Armchair Raiser Kit

A complete Armchair Raiser Kit (to raise a single armchair). The kit contains 2 pairs of leg support..

£83.99 £42.20 Incl. VAT £50.64

Langham Suregrip

'The Langham SureGrip allows an existing chair or bed to be raised to suit the user``s needs, instea..

£8.77 Incl. VAT £10.52

Kylie Bed Pad

The original Kylie Washable Bed Pad. Designed to offer protection against incontinence for mattresse..

£33.11 £24.78 Incl. VAT £29.74

Leg X Raisers

An affordable way of raising furniture legs! These Leg-X will adapt conventional furniture legs ra..

£56.51 £38.82 Incl. VAT £46.58

Medeci Chair/Bed Raiser (set of 4)

Versatile furniture raisers that can bed used chairs, beds and tables with legs! The Medeci Furnit..

£40.50 Incl. VAT £48.60

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