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Toilet Bathroom Safety Rail Disability Support Aid Handle Grab Arm Bar Drop Down

The Solo Contract Hinged Arm Support is an excellent product for value and safety. It features a sim..

£59.99 £27.70 Incl. VAT £33.24

Solo Hinged Arm Support

The Solo Hinged Arm Support is a sturdy support arm with an alloy back plate, finished in a tough wh..

£63.00 Incl. VAT £75.60

Homecraft Devon Floor Mounted Folding Rail

An adjustable height version of the Devon MkII rail, which is mounted on a floor fixing post for ver..

£71.03 Incl. VAT £85.24

Solo Hinged Arm with Back Plate and Leg

The Solo Hinged Arm with Back Plate and Leg is a quality support arm with an alloy back plate and he..

£79.40 Incl. VAT £95.28

Alvin Toilet/Bed Rail

The Alvin Hinged Toilet/Bed Rail is an aid to help the user rise from a seated to standing position,..

£54.80 Incl. VAT £65.76

Homecraft Devon Rail with Folding Leg

A deluxe version of the Devon rail MKI with a larger diameter rail for easier gripping, and a spring..

£48.18 Incl. VAT £57.82

Drop Down Rail with Supporting Leg

A high quality, steel grab rail with a height adjustable supporting leg. The main rail is manufactur..

£117.98 Incl. VAT £141.58

Homecraft Devon Toilet Roll Holder

A wire holder that attaches to the tube, of the MkII Devon rails (AA2010 to AA2026). Weight 110g...

£21.19 Incl. VAT £25.43

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