Pressure Relief

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Harley Nodular Ring Cushion

Provides post operative support for the user! The nodular shaped polyurethane foam of this cusion ..

£27.59 £18.61 Incl. VAT £22.33

Harley De-Luxe Full Chair Insert

Designed to be elegant and provide excellent support! This chair insert has been designed to offer..

£67.19 £38.28 Incl. VAT £45.94

Original Ring Cushion - 44cm dia x 8cm

A construted profile provides ultimate comfort and relief! This cushion provides superb relief t..

£33.59 £20.35 Incl. VAT £24.42

Inflatable Pressure Relief Ring Cushion

This donut-shaped Inflatable Pressure Relief Ring Cushion reduces the pressure when sitting by helpi..

£6.55 Incl. VAT £7.86

Pressure Relief Ring

This donut-shaped Pressure Relief Ring Cushion in memory foam reduces the pressure when sitting. It ..

£23.99 £11.85 Incl. VAT £14.22

Deluxe Pressure Relief Orthopaedic Coccyx Cushion

Bring a little comfort into your life with the Deluxe Pressure Relief Orthopaedic Coccyx Cushion. Th..

£14.10 Incl. VAT £16.92

Foam Lumbar Roll Support Cushion

The black velour covered Lumbar Roll Cushion from Aidapt has been designed to improve your posture a..

£17.99 £7.20 Incl. VAT £8.64

Inflatable Rubber Ring

Helps prevent pressure sores! Easily inflatable Easily cleaned Quikly deflates for trav..

£19.19 £13.38 Incl. VAT £16.06

Dunlopillo Ring Cushion

Flame retardant bacteriostatic latex foam ring to give comfort when sitting. Can be steam sterilised..

£23.06 Incl. VAT £27.67

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