• Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair
  • Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair
    Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair
    Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair
    Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair
    Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair
    Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair
Quick Order Code : Q700F

Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair.

This Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair is responsive in both an outdoor and indoor setting; a comfortable and smooth ride outdoors and a small turning radius allows for outstanding indoor manoeuvrability. It's low seat to floor height lets the user have good access to wheelchair adapted vehicles and under tables. With the design of the Q700F combined with its superior four-wheel suspension, technology and powerful motors it guarantees fantastic comfort, control and traction. The seating system that is the Sedeo Pro is a high-end fully adjustable and configurable seating frame with a wide range of positioning options and comfort cushions. It is highly flexible and easy to adjust so that it can be adapted to the individual's needs. It features sharply tailored upholstery which hides all wiring and components for a contemporary and sleek design. Its flexible back cushion with adjustable straps and lateral support adds further support and comfort; the backrest prevents sliding between the user and cushion. Its distinguished style is portrayed through its matt black finish and choice of 7 colour accents; adding a personal touch. The standard features for the Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair have been listed below in the product specification; additional custom features are able to be added.

Product Specification:

  • One Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Offers outstanding outdoor performance
  • Great indoor manoeuvrability
  • Incredible stability
  • 8 A dual mode charger as standard
  • VR2 and R-NET controller as standard
  • Frame colour: Black
  • Seat width: 380mm - 560mm (15" - 22")
  • Seat depth: 400mm - 560mm (15.7" - 22")
  • Seat height: 415mm - 490mm (16.3" - 19.3")
  • Backrest height: 530mm - 720mm (20.9" - 28.3")
  • Overall width: 640mm (25.2")
  • Overall length: 1340mm (52.8")
  • Battery size: 60Ah
  • Maximum speed: 4mph (6kph)
  • Maximum range: 25 miles (40 km)
  • Ground clearance: 75mm (3")
  • Turning radius: 735mm (28.9")
  • Maximum kerb climb: 70mm (2.8")
  • Drive wheel size: 14" (Black)
  • Castor wheel size: 9"
  • Wheelchair weight without battery: 140kg
  • Wheelchair weight with battery: 165kg
  • Maximum user weight: 160kg (25.2 st)
  • 7 colours: red, blue, green, orange, white, black, silver

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There was an error in the ordering and I was anxious that I might receive more than one walking stick. Contacted the seller direct and they dealt with it efficiently and courteously. Then I had a query on how to unfold and refold the stick and once again the seller was most helpful and so quick with their response. Their service was excellent. I would happily recommend them.
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Quickie Q700F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair

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